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About Us

Trust American Roof Brite

American Roof Brite prides itself on professional roof cleaning for the central Virginia area.  ARB has invested more than $120,000 into specialized roof cleaning equipment.  With 41 years -  With 41 years of research and development we are the number one choice.  Every year, leading shingle manufactures are faced with an ever growing number of warranty claims when fungus resistant shingles prematurely stain.  ARB satisfies these claims using our trusted stain removal process.  Consumers wisely choose ARB’s proprietary formulas and HVLP process over conventional high powered pressure washing, bleaching, and no pressure chemical cleaning.  Homeowners should not risk damaging their roof just to save a few dollars.  Trust the experts at ARB.


The Roof Brite Process

HVLP – Using a patented process, stain removal equipment will not damage shingles.

Color Restorer – dissolves stains caused by algae and fungus.  This patented product is environmentally safe, EPA approved and does not contain bleach, chlorine or acid!

Stain Block – prevents stains from returning.  This is not a cleaning.  It is a treatment that is applied to the roof.  This patented product is environmentally safe and EPA approved.


Roof Protection Program

ARB offers its customers a wise and lasting prevention program.  Any future stains are prevented through bi-yearly treatments of Stain Block, a non-hazardous, transparent, proprietary formula.  In addition, you will receive an thorough inspection of your entire roofing system.  Clearly, prevention is the only choice.

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